Benjamin Faye Brode spent his early years exploring the sleepy countryside of San Diego County. There, he developed a great love for the natural beauty of California and (by his own account) had his first encounter with the wee folk who lived in the pepper tree. The son of artists, Brode was encouraged to be creative and engage life with an artistic sensibility.  

In 1998, following many years in woodworking and furniture design, Brode returned full time to his deep love of painting. Since then, his landscape paintings have been exhibited in both one-man and group shows in Santa Barbara, California. Although he paints seascapes and landscapes wherever he finds them, Brode is particularly drawn to the rolling hills of California and the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  

    Several years ago, a friendship with Thomas Steinbeck grew out of a mutual respect for the life of the artist and the artfulness of life.  Brode and Steinbeck have combined their creativity and mastery to collaborate on In Search of the Dark Watchers.  The result is a beautiful, mystical book that explores the landscapes and lore of the Big Sur coast. Brode currently lives and paints in Santa Barbara.